Hatem El Houshy

Entrepreneur, Sales Funnels and sales automation expert / Founder of Techflipp


What if you can hire a super sales person for no salary ?
Ever thought of sales automation?

Digital marketing is a wide range of so many things, I believe in specialisation so I provide free consultation on what I do best, building automated sales funnels.

Book a free consultation now if you are struggling with growing your sales.

I will go with you through some secret tools that you can use to grow your sales in 2 weeks even you have 0 technical or digital marketing experience.

7 reasons why you should consult me for free if you are in digital marketing field.

1- I’ll introduce you to the world of automated sales funnels, where you build it once and get as many customers as you can handle.
2- I’ll guide you how to start with free sales funnel tools.
3- I’ll guide you on sales funnels logic and workflows.
4- I’ll give you some free tactics how to drive leads to yours sales funnel and end up with high conversion rate.
5- I’ll understand your product and service first, then recommend the best tool available in the market.
6- There is a possibility that I work with you one on one building your sales funnel in partnership basis.
7- I’ll give you a gift that will change your entire career.

Now who am I ?
A serial entrepreneur, started my own company in Saudi Arabia in 2018, with 7 figures in revenue in 2020 up to date ( during the Pandemic )

The first foreign entrepreneur to establish a startup in Saudi under the entrepreneur licence stream.

Conducted the first E-commerce hackathon in Saudi Arabia back in Feb 2020, have a look at the hackathon summary video :
Hosted Junction 2020 connected, the biggest ever global hackathon for the first time in riyadh in November 2020 :

Ask me for references if you doubt the above.

Would be happy to help dreamers, and determined entrepreneurs who are committed for their success.

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