Mohammad Bahareth

Business Personality | Journalist | Motivational Speaker | Dyslexia Advocate | Best Selling Author | Tech Entrepreneur | Innovator


Mohammad Bahareth is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading Youths in Innovation, Best Selling Author, An Advocate for Dyslexia & Business Personality. He got the attention of Forbes when he got listed as one of the top 100 influential Twitter icons in the middle east back in July 2011 through his campaigns and initiatives. He got the Attention of Saudi Arabia through His Youtube Shows The Fifth Power and iTek which gave him recognition among the first YouTubers in the Region. His Popularity Ignited after Speaking at TEDxJeddah About His Learning Disability (Dyslexia).

A well-known Author & a Thought Leader, He began to write along with his disability at the age of 11 in school with a strong feeling of determination to overcome Dyslexia until he wrote more than 400 Articles in local Arabic media and his blog and wrote over 30 Title in both English & Arabic, some registered in the library of congress. Led to ranking him by the Saudi Social Media Monitor ( ELMAM ), Awarded 6th place in Saudi Arabia in Writing & Blogging in 2013. Forbes Middle East listed him in 2011 among the 100 most influential Twitter users. A Dynamic and Entertaining speaker who has motivated thousands of people worldwide, leading to Knighting him by King Roman of Lithuania and Knighting & Awarding him the Title Sir in 2019, he was Awarded The Wagensberg Literary Award for his Book Micronations.

His Books in Arabic are Best Sellers, Creating Simplicity with complex content, sharing dyslexic views of the world in his books, and articles published from Local Newspapers to international standards such as CNN. Returning the Favour, he wrote Sherlock Holmes in 2012 Trilogy in 7 Years, and he got approval from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Estate to license the use of the character as the first Arab to obtain this license. returning the favor by ending the story of Sherlock Holmes heroically and happily because it was the first book that he read, and the character helped him overcome dyslexia

“A Doctor Told me at the age of 10 that I could never be a writer; If I wrote a book, it would be a Miracle”
– Mohammad Bahareth.

His Bold Initiatives, Arabian Space initiative ( ) sending Arabic text to the moon and mars, social initiatives like Allow Youth initiative to allowing single males in shopping malls and restaurants on Weekends, another is environmental calls for a ban on soda cans with a removable cover, and he is a bold as it gets. Now His Dyslexia Awareness Campaign ( is his top priority in Saudi Arabia. He is Advocating for Dyslexics Medical certificates to help them get disability benefits and getting tools, apps, hardware to improve their lives.

Mohammad was the president of the Youth Business Club of the College of Business Administration in 2006, Worked in Saudia Arabian Airlines in the print shop as his first summer job as a kid, and today he is the Chairman of Help Nation (, Helped found Meem Bank ( ) and Makkah Region Youth Counsel ( )

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