Nuaman Saghir

PCB Design engineer


I am an Electronics Engineer.
I have 3 years of experience of Schematics and PCB Layout Design on software like Proteus, Altium Designer, Eagle, OrCad & KiCad.
I am a seasoned Data Entry Operator and have 3 years of experience in Web Scraping, Data Analysis and Database development.
I have around 8 years of experience of Repair and Maintenance of electric and Electronics devices and equipment.
I have completed some Arduino projects like Digital Wall clock (by using P10 LED Display Panels), Water level Meter, Digital Volt-Amp Meter & Digital Time Relay etc.
I have designed and managed a number of power distribution and control panels (like MOR & ATS etc.) for Datacenters.
I have hands-on experience of panel wiring.

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