Ayesh Alotibe

Money Maker| B2B | E-commercial | Sales |Operation| start-up| Ex Hungerstation |Ex-Swyft | Regional Manager Mrsool


A sales Passionate being a sales and money maker professional 💰

- Passionate and promotes sales as a professional career.
- Built a professional Sales Teams in an uplifting and motivating environments.
- Targets overachievements.
- Work with more 5K partner in KSA
- Built start-up from zero revenue to more than 45Million per month.
- Support many start-up to set the Direction Sales and operation.
- Training more than 300 Employees as sales and operation. Some of them now working as Head sales and head operation in many companies.
- Worked on a lot of CRM ( Sales force , Oracle, Microsoft, And many small CRM and built it from Starting.
- Worked on many programs , Quick box (financial programs), Met-base (Analysts data), Asana, KiSSFLOW, Trello.
- Can help UX department ,product department and share a lot of shortcut directions.
- Successful Working with Markting department and do more than 3K campaign during 6 years.
- Support and help Logistics department and we got with them more than 200k riders ( Rider registration,workflow orders , Testing,,,,,)

- Working in integration with key companies , Pos and platforms.

- I had the experience of merging big companies

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